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I'm loving that Aussie accent but only met a couple of aussies.....not very impressed (that's a story for a different day). The expressions they use are priceless and their lingo is sooo funny. A quick beginner's guide to talking Australian is just to shorten the word and then add a double o. Hence my new name is evoo and gllian is gilloo ( doesn't work for kat)

'....thats a funny name i would have called it a chazwoser '

Hanging out at the hostel its mostly English and Germans, and its fun try'n to avoid the wackos . We are way to lively for that hostel which is why we are moving ( down the road to cheaper hostel). We are sharing our room with a German guy (sebestian we call him jimmy) with mad dred locks and we are fighting the temptation to get the hair straighter to his hair while he is sleeping he he he.

Loads more to do and see here but even though its cheaper then home money still disappearing ( a mystery to me) I'm off now to print out my cv, and then onwards and upwards for a middy ( or schnoor) of VB

7:29 p.m. - 2003-08-26


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