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After the unexpected detour, made it here.......well what can I say. This is such an amazing vibrant city. By this stage I have seen the whole city, and I mean the WHOLE city. By foot ( must learn a bus, train, metro, monorail or ferry schedule)

My first taste of Sydney was Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo (or the The Cross and The Loo as they are known locally). Its the area everybody says to avoid but I still think its the best place for backpackers (once u get over the whole sleazy- red light -transvestite-brothel side of it ) ....anyway we dumped our stuff and headed straight out into the town ....hit all the touristy spots the harbour the botanic gardens opera house Amazing stuff.... took a cruise around the city.

Anyway i didn't fancy sharing a room with a 10 other people for 6 months so we moved to glebe and them moved again to the east suburbs....we are pretty much in china town at the moment , moving again tomorrow....see how that goes.

Sydney rocks........:)

7:03 p.m. - 2003-08-26


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