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Job hunting in this city is so crappy. You need to have a cert (R.S.A cert) to make coffee for God sake. I cant work with food (way too many types I have never even seen or heard of b4) and i have ruled bar work out (sorry u ordered a WHAT??????) So a couple of weeks ago I went down to the CBD to get a office job There seemed to be a few in the paper especially the ones 'junior office worker’. A couple of days went by and no hope so I tried retail work ( no hope there either). So it seems in this big city i am unemployable, and what is a Barista? because there are plenty of jobs for them-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However i did get an interview . One was for a so called jr office worker. Yea right i found out later that it was a weird dating agency type place. The interview was hilarious they wanted to know such weird details. So i turned into Heneretta Hottle and they interviewed her instead. Wonder why they never called back??? !--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So that is how i fell into the warehouse job. Of course I won’t go into that story but needless to say I have finished with the twilight zone and I am back on the prowl again ...hope the scenario has changed in 3 weeks because i may just have to take a position as a jr office worker to pay the rent!!!

1:36 a.m. - 2003-09-12


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