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Its a scorcher here again today...I'm melting. This area ant half bad. Found it has a lot more to it ( I found boats!)

Anybody remember the town of Erie Indiana. Well that’s exactly what this place reminds me of. I even have images of them sleeping in huge Tupperware containers!!

The other day sitting at the train stop minding my own business when this odd iced up woman starts yapping to me an hour later (the train was late) I Still don’t know if she was trying to sell me a 17 yr old Indian girl (from a catalogue she had full of half naked girls ) or trying to find me a husband. (She hinted she could find me one B4 my visa runs out) , but then again she did offer me a job as well!!! Just a usual day here!

It will do for the next 3 months...all I need now is a job. Had another interview today...but I could not find the building I must have walked Sydney’s entire suburbs and in this heat its crazy!!

Crazy like a marsupial!!!!

But I can get by for a while yet? Lizard watching in my living room and all the good stuff here is free.... beach, parks the quay the harbour etc. Blue mountains on Saturday…abssailing yeepeeeeee.

3:49 p.m. - 2003-09-25


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