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The blue Mountains


What do I know about the Blue Mountains?

1. I know the legend of the Origin of the mountains according to the Aborigines (involving an epic battle between two gigantic monsters named Gurangaton and Mirmigan)

2. I know the range (which is surmounted by a fab. plateau) has an altitude of more than 1000m and was created millions of years ago.( sandstone)

3. I know the history of its discovery from the Daruk Aborigines to the explores of 1813 Wentworth, Blaxland and Lawson (whom all now have towns named after them) to the coal mining Industry to tourism Industry

4. I know that the Cities of the blue mountains are steeped in history and have fantastic names.....such as Katoomba ( meaning shiny tumbling waters...or similar)

5. I know the Blue Mountains gets its name from the blue mist that is evaporated from the millions of eucalyptus tress that hangs in the air and turns the mountains and the surrounding area a blue colour.

6. I know that tour operators will charge anything from $50 -200 for a day trip. But that for $14 dollars (return) I can have a fantastic 2hr winding train ride from Central Station right to the mountains and save myself a fortune.

7. I know that it will be the best $14 dollars I will spend in Sydney and the train passes stations with fab names such as Woli Creek and Emu Plains.

8. I know that even in spring it will snow up there.

9. I know that the Skyway is the first and only passenger carrying horizontal ropeway, and it is the scarcest thing I have done in a while.

10. I know the Abo. Legend explaining the fantastic rock formation called the three sisters.

11. I know the views are beautiful and amazing.... Oz answer to the grand canyon.

12. I know I shall return

8:30 p.m. - 2003-10-01


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