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hippy days ( part 1)


These last few days have been so busy. Running around like a wacked out chicken head. I saw Cathy off at the airport. I was disturbed to see that the same Japanese tour bus who have been in all the same places I have been since I arrived here (..In a stalker freaky way....) were there too...cameras (digital) and all.

Took a couple of hippy days strolled down to circular Quay (my new favourite spot) Full of food (of course) fire-eaters, music, sparkling water and shiny happy people. Of course the people here are happy they get to come to work on a boat. Itís always crazy busy full of people taking ferries or pictures of the opera house. There must be over a thousand pictures taken of that opera house every day its like a jungle down there with those damn tourists!!!

Got stuck in the botanical gardens for over 3 hours. It was amazing hundreds of huge bats (flying foxís) hanging from the trees and really freaky huge birds that looked and sounded a bit drugged (one went straight for me.) Well partly because the bats getting a bit hyper and partly because I was freaking out over deadly spiders getting into my open toed sandals, but mostly because I was heading out that night I finally dragged my self out of there

Not enough hours in the day!

7:53 p.m. - 2003-10-08


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