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Watsons bay on a Sunday

Watsons bay on Sunday.

Taking a ferry around Port Jackson is one of the best things to do in Sydney...even if the weather is freezing cold. Headed out to Watson's bay and strolled up to The Gap, which is a spectacular cliff top lookout. It gives amazing views of the ocean side of South Head. It is also one of Sydney's favourite suicide spots....that is because of the dramatic drop into the sea. It is said to have a millionaire's view of the ocean.

We had insane crazy weather It was great and sunny when we where on the beach side, then it got windy when we were on the cliff top which was kinda scary from that height then when we were heading home the skies opened and I have never seen such bright lighting or heard such loud thunder was great, we were all huddled in to a shelter ( metal may I add!!! Nobody saw the problem with that but I was seeing the headlines in Monday paper '10 die in freak lighting strike') and the boats in the harbour looked like they were going to be split in 2. Then at the peak of the storm along comes struggling into the harbour the Sydney city ferry......and we were expected to get onto that. well it was either that or get stuck there!!! Amazing stuff

9:25 a.m. - 2003-10-09


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