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rockdale rocks my world!!!


So today I saw the biggest cockroach I have ever seen in my entire life? It was hilarious, got Niall to kill it, yea a real girly thing to do I know, but u should have seen the size of this yolk!!! But he is a complete scaredy cat and legged it, as I'm writing and listening to the Irish radio stations he is locked into his bedroom and refuses to come out. Every time I see a spider or walk through a web I am paralysed with the fear that it might be a deadly red back!!! Ahhh it’s in my hair……

This place is still bugging me far too quite for my liking the only social life seems to be the R.S.L and I’m not quite sure what kind of people go drinking there. There are far too many cafes and not enough pubs. The guys here are so pathetic? they just curb crawl along in there cars all day and beep and scream the funniest stuff out the window at us as we walk by. its very strange. But at least the town is only a train ride away. I’m still checking out all the best spots in Sydney. All the bays and basically anywhere a ferry goes I have been there, but still I haven’t been to the opera house or climbed the bridge. I have also met far too many Irish. The only good pubs in town are the Irish ones…Scruffy Murphies. Etc.

The big news here besides the rugby is the Family feuds (feels like home) and

Rugby…OMG . The whole country has gone football crazy!!! Yesterday as I was coming home from Bondi the streets were crawling with green jerseys and the tri colour was everywhere it was weird . Cant wait for the Aussie V Irish match…might see if I can get a ticket

Favourite phrase of the week …’no dramas?lt;/P>

2:38 p.m. - 2003-10-20


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