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Road trip

AAAAAAHHHHHH Bon Jovi's new album is out in November and I am listening to the previews of the songs RIGHT NOW!!!!!

So here is the news. Canít go on any more ferries. People are starting to think Iím mad, besides they can give you serious windburn when u are outside jumping up and down like a frek'n idiot. I start my job on Tuesday so before I start getting all serious I am going on a ROADTRIP



Exciting or what!!! I am going to Jervis bay to check out the dolphins and then on to kangaroo Valley, which is ment to be spectacular. If ye want to see it just go to and ye can see what I am up to for the weekend.

In a bid to save money. I have decided to do nothing until I actually get my first pay check(besides this road trip of course) its times like this Iím lucky I live right beside the video shop : ) So for the nxt few days and today I am gona park myself in front of the TV and watch aussie soaps.

TV here is funny the phrases they use are not just exclusive to Home and away ( bloody oath!!) they are ace. And its not really proper reporting or daytime TV unless there are a few curses,slags and slang words thrown in there. Bullshite u bloody sheila i told you already you can go drink with the flies....still trying to figure out what piss in my pocket translates as.

Phrase of today

Pigs arse! Roughy translated as I donít agree

12:47 p.m. - 2003-10-23


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