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roadtrip ( part 2)

This road trip was great craic. I nearly missed the bus on Saturday morning and nearly killed myself trying to run from central station to the pick up point, it was hilarious because the first stop the bus made was the historic Botany bay…which is right on my doorstep. I could have just walked out the front door and met them there. ? Perhaps I should have read the itinerary more carefully!!!!

The tour leader was fun besides his strange taste in music. The bus was full of French Germans and Americans. We headed Jervis bay, stopping along the way at a couple of lookout points, Nan tein temple (the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hem.), the town of Kiama, which has some great coastline, a couple of other small towns. Had lunch by the beach…but as we got to Jervis bay the heavens opened up and the rain started, we decide to go on the dolphin cruise the next day. The cabins we stayed at were class. Right on the beach and there were kangaroos, wallabies possums and other funny looking Aussie wildlife everywhere. Had a fab lightening show that night and stayed in for food drink and rugby!!!!!

Went to an emu farm it was disturbing, The emus were penned up right beside the emu shop that sold emu pies…lousy I mean the poor emus could smell the pies as they were cooking that cant be right, The whole bus jumped out and bought pies…neadlesst o say I did not partake in the eating of emu.

I headed out on a bush walk the next morning b4 brecky bright and early. Saw loads of kangaroos just hopping about. The dolphin watch was fab must have seen about 15-20 dolphins …it was damn cold…but fun. Saw the whitest beach in the world, wasn’t very impressed with it. After our cruise around Jervis bay we headed to Morton national park and Fitzroy falls.

I was shattered after all that ?lt;/P>

2:11 p.m. - 2003-10-27


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