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the &*^% shop

The **** shop

Just finished my first two shifts at work, which consisted of ‘training? It was like being initiated into a cult; all that was missing was the ceremonial robe (and I did get a uniform to replace that!!)? But I’m buying into it so far, cause I really like it and what they stand for, and everything in the shop smells sooooooo nice. But I got to be on the look out for another job cause I’m only getting a few shifts. Greta is thinking of moving in with us so that means I will only pay 80 dollars rent a week not bad!!! But I’d say when she sees the posse she might not stay…better not go into any detail on that one or I will be here all day.

Weather is still weird here for Sydney. Last week there were giant hailstones that caused major damage around the city and killed a crap load of crazy marsupials!! And I saw the most amazing lighting storm. This week its kinda back to normal beach type weather.

6:27 p.m. - 2003-10-28


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