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Don't mention the sunnies!!!!.....anyone got bail money??

Well I suppose this weeks episode all started with the sunglasses…no wait it started B4 that with Greta moving in. Greta ( German) has same kinda job as me part time hours so we started looking for ways to make more cash. She had a number for this guy who wanted to sell sunnies outside the football stadiums to the rugby fans. I envisioned at least some sort of stall but alas this was not to be.

It all began after the phone call with the meeting. Beside central station in a cafe with a Scottish guy . It seemed just kinda informal ? he showed us the sunnies (weird horrible looking yolks). Can’t describe them. And then we went to central station where he had a locker full of them. He gave us a 100 of them and sent us on our way to make money? It was sooooo dodgy. God only knows where they came from to begin with!!! He didn’t know who I was or where I lived or anything all he had was my first name?I could have ran off with the sunnies if I wanted.

That night I headed down to darling harbour to check out the scene to sell them to drunken rugby fans. OMG what a laugh…what a crappy job. I sell them for $10 and I get $3 for every pair I sell. ? It was pathetic. Had no problem getting ppl over to us but they just wanted to buy Greta not the glasses!!!!! It was ridiculous. On Saturday I headed off to aussie stadium for the Scotland v Fiji match? what a laugh.

The first person I tried to sell glasses to asked me if I wanted to go in and see the match (sold out match) He had a free ticket

A free ticket

A free ticket!!!!!

Nobody has a free ticket. He could have sold it for well over 150 dollars. Scottish fans who came all the way here were outside crying to get tickets and I had just scored a free one. How sound was he. Of course first I had to get through security with a bag full of sunnies…bless my innocent face. When the security asked me about them I just shrugged…i do admit ‘possession of stolen goods?did cross my mind …mingling with the chancers and ticket touts I must say I felt like a right chancer, and when the rangers threatened to throw me out i kinda freeked so I sold about 5 pairs and then sat down to watch the match?lt;/P>

What a great match I screamed my lungs out for Scotland. I was 10 seats up from the action. Fiji has a funny hacka type dance it was awesome…real carnival atmosphere! And made 15 dollars!! The Irish match was great too we nearly had them and my voice is not the same today! I even had Chris (brit) screaming for Ireland) Had to met Alex yesterday to give him back all the glasses…he still wants us to work for him .Yea right.

So that was this weekends adventure next we are off to Fox studios to become extras on the set of some aussie soap!!!

2:34 p.m. - 2003-11-03


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