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bingo revenge


Every morning at about 9 I play radio mobile phone game. They call out numbers and when u have all the numbers that match your mobile phone number u txt in to win

Today I had the numbers and txt in soooo quick I was sure I would win…I waited patiently for the adds to be over and then I got a txt from the radio station saying they were checking my numbers and keep listening…I was delighted. Then I got a call telling me they would call me in about 3 minutes!!! OMG OMG OMG I nearly fainted I was screaming at the top of out lungs

$3000 dollars

$3000 dollars

$3000 dollars

OMG what I could do with that? I was spending it already going to see Robbie Williams, climbing the bridge going to the opera house!

Aaahhhhhh $3000 dollars a minute later I heard the winner being announced on the radio? It was not me?And all the lads in the house were rolling on the floor with laughter!!! The station had txted but they were the ones who called…how cruel…Revenge is a dish better served cold

3:28 p.m. - 2003-11-03


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