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the british are comming

The British are coming

The British invasion to Sydney is now in its final stage. Everywhere you look there are rugby flags and jerseys and footballs and kangaroos in jerseys with footballs and flags. Sydney knows how to party. They have 3 locations in the city (The Opera house, Darling harbour and The rocks). set up for outdoor parties with huge screens and music and food. Music is being pumped out onto the streets and the atmosphere is electric. Every pub is full (of British) Ą­and the best part the temperature is risingĄ­. 33 degrees yesterday and rising.

Went to see the frames last night (supported by Mundy) . Wow there was so many Irish ppl there it was just like being in Dolans. It was bizarre. They played a great show and IĄ¯m completely hoarse after all the screaming.

Finish this later

ItĄ¯s way to nice outside to be here writing this. IĄ¯m off to Manly beach

1:52 p.m. - 2003-11-16


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