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Okay so I think it may be time for another update. I'm still working away and I still having great fun. Even the train into work every day is entertainment enough for me. People will talk about anything on the train. They will have the most private conversations in a packed train full of strangers, and with the same people on my train every day it is turning into a great soap opera...forget home and away. Santaís kingdom still rocks. I get to see Santa every day, and I got my photo taken with him the other day .I also got my photo taken with a giant penguin (after a week of stalking him he gave in). Itís a class place to 'work'. Its save to say I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I do however have to put up with at least 30 huge bats living in the trees above the bus stop, which freak me out by flying about me every night I leave work. The body shop is still fun and getting kinda busy too. I'm still freaking out over giant cockroaches and killer spiders huge bats lizards etc etc but Iím getting kinda used to them now and we even have a pet roach who goes by the name of Kroger (he is the size of a cat kidding!!!!!) I think I may have scored a few extra shifts after x-mas. But the idea of working on Boxing Day sucks...I picture myself still on the beach that day. I am very disappointed to hear the story of xmas at Bondi. It tunes out that no drink is allowed on the beach and there is a crap load of security after the 95 riots.... drink is allowed in one small area called "the cage? I may have to rethink my Xmas plans Our landlady gave us a turkey ( Mam how do I cook it???) and she gave us a tree and decorations. God there is loads of news but I can t think now...and I got to go to work.

11:12 p.m. - 2003-12-09


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