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South Oz

South Oz

With my magically expanding backpack we headed to the airport. The airport check in clerk ( who never looked at our passports) was very interested to know why the hell we were going to Adelaide. He called it nice quite and peaceful. When we went to board the plane we found it was full of scouts. Every time there was a slight bit of turbulence those damn scouts stared to panic and it kinda freaked me out. We arrived 2 hrs later in Adelaide...a whole new territory ( South Australia). We picked up at the airport by gills reloos. They are great. I am in the lap of luxury at there house. The whole extended family are there. And it feels a bit like living with that family from 7th heaven

Anyway I guess I understand what that guy at the airport was saying. Adelaide is a whole lot smaller then Sydney and because its a planned city it is impossible to get lost ( well nearly) It reminds me a bit of Dublin but a whole lot ....sleeper. Although it is crawling with hundreds of scouts.

South australia looks like such a fab place and we have decided to give Uluru and alice springs a miss and instead try something different. We are going to spend a few days in Kangaroo ISland. Check out

We depart for melbourne on Monday the 12th will update then

4:56 p.m. - 2004-01-06


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