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So I am back on the road again .....and what a week it has been. Full of sun surf and safari. We packed up waved goodbye to the last bit of luxury we were going to have for a while at the Nolan's. But not b4 they had showed us around all of Adelaide, Including Port Adelaide, a dolphins cruise, the wineries that Adelaide are so famous for at Mclaren Vale ( which felt like being in France or Italy) Adelaide ppl drink wine like tap water, also got a view of the city from Mt Lofty and at night from windy point.....

Three days ago I did not know Kangaroo Island existed. But am I delighted I found out about it. It was amazing. The whole tour was great. We stayed at a farm In the middle of nowhere. No phones no radio no T.V signals or microwaves or any nature. Over the next two days we checked out the entire island and I have seen the most beautiful and amazing sights. We saw roos,wallabies,kolas,possums,pelicans,seals,sea lions,PENGUINS!!!! dolphins .....and much much more but the best thing about it is they were just there wild . Wondering around the Island surrounded by the most stunning scenery. It is hard to describe the views and sights of the strange quiet island. but I can assure u it was superb.

I went surfing!! YES ME who cant even swim!!! and it was bloody awesome dude. My bones are still so sore from it but it was so invigorating I loved it. Also went sand boarding in the little sahara. OMG that was fab too. So all in all these last few days have taken a lot out of in to the city last night and after a quick nap...I am preparing to head onto the Great Ocean Road in the nxt hour.I cant wait. I hope the ppl on this tour are as nice as the last....

I'll log off and head on...the road is calling me back

P.S My new phone does not tell me who is txt'n so can ye put names after txts

P.P.S There is no spell check on this site

P.P.S KI rocks!!!!!!!!

P.P.P.S I had turkey, fish and a sausage since i have been vegie days are numbered....those roos better watch out.

8:09 a.m. - 2004-01-12


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