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Melbourne home to over 3 million ppl. What do I think....well it's certainly not as stunning as Sydney. It is missing that AWE factor that Sydney has. It doesn't have that stunning harbor or spectacular view . But it has got character. Food and eating is yet again the big obsession here and the town is made up of streets and alleys of cafes and restaurants. There seems to be 10 times as many eateries as Sydney ( and they are cheaper too!!) Its definitely a town with a lot of atmosphere. Everywhere u turn there is a petition to sign a cause to support, street artists, there are buskers pumping out music on every corner. Trams running up and down the streets and loads of old buildings beside some very new bizare buildings

But what's also very obvious here especially where i am staying is the poverty and homelessness on the streets. I must have 20 ppl asking me for cash every day.

Did loads over the last few days. Phillip island is home to the fairy penguins and every night hundreds of them come in from the sea in the cover of darkness to there nests. The penguin parade as they call it was awesome. It was amazing to sit there and watch all these tiny tiny penguins freaking out and running 4 the safety of there nests . It was amazing . I didn't want to leave, but eventually( after gill had to drag me from the beach) I had to get on the bus and go. ( I held up the entire bus he he he )

The markets here are great too. U can buy all kinds of stuff to fill up ure backpack( i restrained myself...until i saw some penguin earrings) there is even camel rides up and town through the markets.

Today the tennis is big news, so i went to check it out. I followed the crowds . I checked out the botanical gardens today too and saw some great views which is making me reconsider my pessimistic view of the "living city".

Heading to Byron bay on Tuesday. Cant wait.

12:07 p.m. - 2004-01-21


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