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the bay

The Bay

I was glad to get out of Melbourne, although the city did redeem itself in the last two days. (Besides being spit on by a homeless guy 4 NO REASON). Our next stop Bryon Bay. I got very lazy in Mel. Spent most of the time sitting in Starbucks. I must have tried their entire range of frappuccino's cappuccinos, lattées, mochas etc etc etc. So when I hit Bryon I got very active ...beach beach and beach!!! After a 12 hour bus journey from Melbourne I arrived back in Sydney (with a numb arse) and although I was only there for a couple of hours while I waited for my next bus it kinda felt like coming home. It was great to be back there again. After another 12 hour journey we arrived here. The bay. Well what can I say it is fab. It is a real tourist town but at the same time its kinda hippy and there are a lot of yuppies too...its a place for everybody. A real strange mix of people. Ppl are on the streets with guitars. Not busking just playing or writing songs. really weird, and u wont find any traditional shops here. No McDonnalds's or hungry jacks . It makes such a refreshing change. There are suffers everywhere it feels like living in summer bay in the 1970's but with less aussies!!

There is the most amazing scenery in this spot. I was at the most easterly point in OZ yesterday. Sitting on the hill top is a lighthouse and it is a famous look-out point for whale watching. Its kinda funny cause about 50 years ago this town was a whaling station, and now everybody comes to see these amazing creatures. ...Anyway ....It was Quality. The views were stunning. The beaches are amazing....and I can't walk 2 steps without trip'n over a surf board or boggie board. The temps are in the 30's , and every night there has been the most amazing thunder and light'n shows. The thought that I am nearly done with Oz is depressing but I have a few more days left yet and I intend to get the most out of them. I'm off to hit the beaches now :)

11:07 a.m. - 2004-01-24


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