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Harvey bay

Harvey Bay

I have left Byron bay. I actually left. I thought I would get stuck there (like so many others, my roommate insisted he was leaving every day I bet he is still there catching killer waves!!) I had a great time in the bay. I learned how to swim ...well kinda. The day i got really good I was splashing around all day and then looked down too see 40 /50 of these really freaky snake thingies in the water.. no idea what they were yuck, but obviously they weren't' It put me off swimming 4 a while though.

The whole town had such atmosphere on the last night I sat on the beach watching the sun set with some fish and chips ( HOKII!!!!!) and an ice cold beer talking to a pile of hippies listening some guy playing a didermedo ( sp??) and in the sky was the most amazing lightening I have ever seen . It was like giant cobwebs of light in the in the sky. I have never seen anything like it.....amazing . I hated leaving met really great ppl and had a laugh there...but so much to see still.

I have been sitting on a bus all day today, chatting to backpackers (we are all on the same trail) and dreaming of my next adventure. I passed many weird towns and villages with names I will not even attempt to pronounce, and half a day later I arrived here Harvey bay.

My new obsession this week is Canada All week i have been thinking of how to get there. i am totally obsessed .Watch this space.

7:05 p.m. - 2004-01-28


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