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Back in my city

Back in Sydney

Well it seems like I have come full circle....and I am back to where I began.The big smoke. Its really bizarre being in the city again. It seems LOUDER.I miss the ocean, the beaches ,the lakes, the rainforests, the bushwalks and the wildlife....but HELL I have Starbucks, Hoyts ,Grace brothers, Hungry jacks a flushable toilet and a t.v. to help me get over it.

I found a nice house right in the city. Sharing with 2 Irish and 3 English and one hilarious German.Its damn cheap too. Moved in on friday and spent all day Saturday just watching T.V .....( no beer and no T.V make eva go CrAzY) But I can only watch so many jannet jackson /justin timberlake re-runs b4 i get bored....And so i must find a job.


Yep back to that horrible part of the journey getting the funds..YUCK. And so i must prepare for Monday morning when I will walk the streets of Sydney looking for a job. But i have visions of America to keep me sane. And when u live in the best city in the world ( besides LImerick of course) even job hunting is not AS bad.

Wish me luck :)

5:41 p.m. - 2004-02-08


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