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Simple calculations

Simple calculations

408 - The number of tiles between pretzel world and my spot at the bottom of my escalator

87 - The no of wooden planks at the end of my escalator

15 - The number of grown men I saw today wearing knee high white socks and sandals

6 - The number of people I saw in the centre wearing no shoes

15 - No of dollars I get per hour to stand at the bottom of my escalator

3 - The number of crazies that I talked to (about escalators) today

6 - The number of( unofficial) breaks I needed to stop me going crazy

39 - The temperature in degrees it was outside today...while I was stuck standing beside my escalator

15 - The number of signs that point the way to the lift

Countless - The number of people who ask me where the left is

= total of 594 - number of good reasons to quit my job

New Zealand, Fiji Hawaii, San francisco, Toronto- the reasons I wont quit my job!!!

7:14 p.m. - 2004-03-10


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