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La feile padraig

La Feile Padraig

Sydney has so many different cultural influences and I suppose its vibrant mix of people is what makes this city so great, but this weekend it was all about Ireland. The city was awash with the tricolor and the streets were full of people wearing their county colours.

What a day. We started for 'breakfast 'at the Porter house ( pub around the corner) and then made our way down to the parade ...of course I was not content with being merely a spectator and so I joined the parade . I grabbed a Limerick flag and was in the front row of the Parade on the back of a Harley with one hand proudly flying the limerick flag and the other waving to all the people on the streets

It was weird to see the city all closed off and to ride around it on a harley was just awesome....what a way to start a Sunday morning. (Watch out for me on the news I spotted some TnaG cameras.

The parade ended in Hyde park, and stuffing our faces with Taytoes ( real ones) We made our way there .It was bizarre to see so many ppl all draped in green white and gold. There were stalls selling everything from Barrys tea to the Irish Echo and airwaves were saturated with the sound of U2. The whole park was then converted into a huge beer garden and we sat out for the day just chill'n in the grand weather ( a lot different from back home i bet!!) I must have met everybody I know in Sydney

I can never again defend Ireland when people slag us for being a nation of drinkers t. At 11 AM there was queues outside the bottle shops (offie) and by midday they were sold out!!! the pubs were bursting at the seems, You could not walk 2 steps without bumping into someone in a irish jersey carrying a crate of beer and heading to the park . The city was transformed in a very bizarre way.

The party continued well into the night ....and I partied with French English and Aussies. The party soon came to an end however and a few hours later I got a call......Eva why are u not at work!!!!! ooooooopppppppsssssss it completely slipped my mind he he he

Today is the 17th and the pubs are packed as I walk home from work.

7:16 p.m. - 2004-03-17


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