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Mad season

There is a chill in the morning air now and darkness calls earlier with each passing night. But even without the glorious sunshine Sydney still rocks. The atmosphere in the city has changed to reflect the season, and I no longer trip over bare footed surfers as I walk down the street. Everybody is busy party'n or sit'n in cafes or just chill'n out. Aussies really have life sorted and their lifestyle is definitely one to envy.

Had a few days off recently from 'work'. I did all the stuff that u can do for free in Sydney. Went to art galleries( again) markets parks and pub......and a free concert ( coca-cola live and local concert) It was held in Olympic park. If I have not described olympic park b4 then maybe I should. It Is a 635 hectare site about 14 Km outside the city that was built especially for the Olympics, and its totally bizarre. Funny buildings that just pop out of the ground ( although i hear they won all kinds of awards) huge massive streets with amazing lighting. But its bizarre because it feels like a mini city on mars. Its kinda like a ghost town because nobody lives there. All that space and no ppl. So all the events are held here The easter show Concerts etc. Anyway the coca cola gig was on there it was ..ammm......different.

Work is still hilarious and i met some funny ppl doing this job. But thats a story for another day

9:20 p.m. - 2004-03-31


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