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The garden city

Christchurch .

As I flew into Christchurch I was greeted with amazing scenery. Fluffy white clouds floating gracefully over the southern snow capped we descended into the town it felt like flying into Shannon with lush green field as far as the eye could see. And the first thing to hit me as I left the airport was the cold. But the air is nicer here crisp,like it is loaded with loads of oxygen . Its really refreshing.

Christchurch is know as the garden City . And I figure its pretty similar to England but with sunshine. Its autumn here and so picturesque. A cathedral is the main focal point to the compact city . The river Avon runs through it and there are fountains and gardens everywhere. There is no fear of getting lost here as its small enough( well compared to Sydney anyway)

I ran into a spit of bother at the airport with accommodation as it was Easter everything was booked but just as started to get worried I found 2 scottish people with the same problem as me and now we are sharing a motel room in the city ( between three of us its cheap enough). So I spent Easter with scots checking out the city and eating easter eggs in cathedral square with a coffee and and listening to buskers. We also checked out an Antarctic experience centre. (NZ is a main service point to the Antarctic.)

I have decide to head west via the trans alpine express . This train ride is expensive but boasts the best scenery in NZ. I cant afford to do much here and so may just fly to the north island soon.

7:27 p.m. - 2004-04-11


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