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And so the time has come to move on ( again) and say goodbye once and for all to Australia. The last 7 months have been amazing . My last week in Sydney was hectic as I tried to fit in as much as I could in my last few days. I quit my job. I finally did the Bondi to Coogee walk. It has been a week of burning ceremonies and guitar sessions, of pubs and restaurants but above all good company and cheap wine. And now with a headful of memories and an ever increasing backpack I head forth to lord of the rings country.

I shall miss not being lost all the time, 24 hr pubs,the markets, the harbor ,the ferries ,manly beach, town hal,l the easy laid back lifestyle, the weird and random sights ( esp on oxford street), good coffee, but above all I will miss all the people I have met along the way . But sitting at the airport I know I did the right thing I feel nervous but excited and impatient to start the next adventure.

7:09 p.m. - 2004-04-11


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