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imagine this

Bula, Welcome to Fiji.

Imagine this

Over 320 lush green tropical Islands , amazing clear blue waters and azure reefs full of the most bizarre fish and coral I have ever seen.

Imagine 1980 coca cola signs, everything at tree level, flowers in your hair and locals in colorful dresses. Imagine guitar music( or bob marley cd) floating over the hot air as you chill out with a local Fijian beer.

Imagine smiley happy people everywhere who always stop to say Bula( hello) and who seem not to have a care in the world. Imagine gorgeous men who wear skirts and flowers in there ears, and extremely pink shirts, yet are totally fit!!

Imagine island life, no banks, mobiles post office, computers, office blocks. Imagine sandy beaches sparkling waters. Imagine lazing in hammocks and falling asleep in the lazy heat listening to the tide roll in and out

Imagine palm trees and volcanoes. Imagine laughter and music boats and rafts. Imagine a rich culture ( and history) full of exotic ceremonies. Imagine drinking Kava from coconut husks with the locals. Imagine wooden huts and strange birds with strange calls. Imagine strange languages and spotless beautiful people everywhere. Imagine bad dental work but excellent food. Imagine sitting down on the deck to have brecky in the early morning sun and looking out to see shoals of flying fish go by. Imagine life on Fiji time, watching the sun go down ( watching the moon go down never seen that happen b4))and star gazing on the beach

okay got all that????

Welcome to my Island Paradise!

12:45 p.m. - 2004-04-24


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