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Nothing can contrast my Fiji adventure more than Hawaii. Geographically its pretty similar, but Hawaii is awash with dollars. Its seriously rich over here. And i am in one of the worlds most famous beaches...


Home to over 36 thousand hotels and condos. Its basically one giant resort. But with that lazy Hawaiian feel. In the main town Honolulu (in the CBD) u will not see any business suits only casual Hawaiian style shirts everybody wears floral , and flowers in their hair , hula dancers and guitar players are always to be found on the streets, and the atmosphere at night time is great with shows and music on the streets.

Covered in mosquito bites, (that are slowly turning to bruises) the beach is no place for me at the moment. (expect at sunset where the beach turns into a scene from city of angles...they have even built a pier especially for the daily event) So what did i spend my few days in surf heaven doing?? Well i climbed a volcano , I went to pearl harbour,I paid my respects to the legendary DUKE and i met a crap load of people .

I was one of the 1.5 million people that come here every year....but now its time to roll

next stop San Francisco

10:39 p.m. - 2004-04-28


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