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edward abbey

"Now i can do no more than offer one final prayer to the young, to the bold, to the angry, to the questioning , to the lost

Beyond the wall of the unreal city , beyond the security fences topped with barbed wire and razor wire, beyond the asphalt belting of the super highways, beyond the cemented bank sides of our temporarily stopped and mutilated rivers , beyond the rage of lies that poisons the air, there is another world waiting for you

It is the old, true world of the desserts , the mountains, the forests, the islands , the shores, the open plains. GO THERE. BE THERE . Walk gently and quietly deep within it and then..........

May your trails be dim, lonesome , stony narrow winding and only slightly uphill......May the great sun dazzle your eyes by day and the great bear watch over you by night. "

Edward Abbey

10:06 p.m. - 2004-05-16


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