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21 days of greyhound

21 days of greyhound

And so my 21 day stint of "going greyhound" has come to an end. It has been fun scary but as always entertaining. I have travelled thousands of miles through 18 states and I have seen some amazing things.

I've met an EXTREMELY interesting cross-section of American's and a variety of people from all over the world. I've learnt a lot , not only how to make potash!!! but also about the history and culture and the American society.

As I travel ever further through the states I am still ever impressed with the immense country and the ever changing scenery. Each state is totally different from the next. The deserts of Nevada the lush green farm lands of Idaho and the big sky country are all so dissimilar. But the USA need beauty to counteract the sad, lonely, wacko, gender confused, disabled, maimed, depressed, homeless greyhound people that live here. I have never met so many unfortunate people in my life. It seems like everybody has a sad story to tell I feel like I may be the luckiest person in the world. Its a world of prozac and McDonalds over here with chemical air, chemical food and chemically controlled people

However my journey was redeemed by the great stuff I have seen.

I have seen the golden hills of California, the tourist traps of San Francisco. I got stuck in a scary small town called Merced. I've experienced the stunning beauty of Yosemite national park where I saw one of the worlds largest waterfalls. I've seen a bunch of baseball fanatics being convinced to turn over from the 'BIG' game to watch the last episode of friends ( and enjoy it) in Sacramento. I gambled in the sparkling city of Reno. I wandered through the great state of Nevada and rambled through the picturesque Salt Lake City. I had the moisture sucked out of my body in the mile high city of Denver and managed to survive craic houses and gun shots there before I left.

I drank mocha non-diary frapochinos in Colorado Springs and hiked through trails in Gods garden and Pikes peak. I have seen small mountain towns full of friendly people, great scenery and $$$$$$ food. I have been through the aptly named million dollar highway, to New Mexico where I experienced extreme heat and life without a car. I learnt about Aliens from distant planets in Roswell and rode the famous Outlaw highway 380 ( billy the kid country)

I hit Memphis . A rock'n city with great music food and weather. I learnt about the history of rock'n'roll in THE INFAMOUS Sun studios and visited graceland...where the man who dared to rock lived. We braved tornado warnings and greyhound bomb scares through a lighting and thunder storm to get to Omaha. ( somewhere in middle America) where I encountered more strange people but had cheap food!!. I have seen the big sky's of Montana and have visited small mountain towns in the rockies.

I took my last and final greyhound journey to seattle . The rainy city , where i will stay for 3 weeks . Its a fab ( but rainy) city with great bands good and food. I'm goina hibernate here for the next 3 weeks

2:06 p.m. - 2004-05-27


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