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Rainy Seattle

Rainy Seattle.

It ant so rainy here. I am convinced that all the 'natives' have xenophobia. I think they make up all this stuff about Seattle being rainy and grey and miserable just to keep all us away. And they are right to do so. If I found a place like this I would want it all to my self too!! But I am here to say don't listen to the hype. I'll tell u what to expect of Seattle.

Seattle has a short history but it full of stories. Stories of Indian treaties and rebellions, murder and slavery, towns built on corruption and fraud. There are stories of racial and social problems of devastating fires that burnt down the entire city . Stories of gold rushes and bordellos, and of European immigration..... Throw in Boeing , Microsoft, Adobe ,volcanoes, mountains, space needles a monorail and Gary Larson , and then u can get a glimpse of what Seattle is like. Seattle does not feel like an American City. It is to polite and friendly to be. It feels more european, the weather and the atmosphere feels european.

For me its a city that loves coffee and books. That has a harbor coming and going with ferries and yauchts. That has an excellent market full of all kinds of great food . That has a defined city space and a great Skyline. Who cant love a city like that

So don't listen to all the hype. Lateland may not have 360 days of sun sun sun but it has plenty to offer the urban adventurer

" Sunshine is delicious. Rain is refreshing.Wind braces up. Snow is exhilarating. There is really no such thing as bad weather. Only different kinds of weather."

- john Ruskin

3:05 p.m. - 2004-06-08


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