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Let me introduce you to E.L.E. She is a 2004 bright red chevrolet Impala. She's a beauty ( as the aussies would say) I no longer resemble a turtle carrying my ever increasing backpack on my back. I now travel in air conditioned style as E.L.E whisks us on the wrong side of the road to wherever we please. ( Laura edel and me) It brings a new meaning to the word Freedom!!

Its only day four of this new adventure and yet E.L.E has taken us through superhighways and country roads to some fantastic diverse places. Across numerous rivers to get to the snow caped peaks of the breathtaking mt. Rainer. Where the snow was so intensely bright it would nearly blind you!! To large cities such as Portland, to small historic picturesque towns like Silverton, where we trekked behind an amazing 177ft waterfall. Now with music blaring in our ears we follow the pacific down the Oregon coast. Destination.....anywhere!

11:56 a.m. - 2004-06-17


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