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Ca coast

We have all the country stations tuned into ELE's radio now as we travel further down the CA coast on the edge of America, and we are physically on the edge of america too. HIGHWAY ONE hugs the coastal cliffs in an almost gravity defy'n windy way. From Crescent city to LA these amazing roads have brought us through some great scenery. We first ventured into a forest of giant redwoods. These ancient forests have trees hundreds of ft. tall and they immediately transport you into another eerie world. Where shadows take on all sorts of imagined horrors!!! Feeling a bit like a hobbit we did a few trails and hugged a few trees and leaving the eerie silence of that forest behind us we went on our merry way again.

We drove through every harbor, dock ,port and beach and after a couple of hundred miles or so it all started to look the same and started getting as bit blurry .....but there is nothing like a 9 lane superhighway to keep you alert. Which is what faced us as we entered LA

12:43 p.m. - 2004-07-06


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