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And so the planet has completed another loop around the sun and as I sit in Setac airport watching all the young Americans heading out to fight for this strange country,) I contemplate my homebound journey. Itís been a glorious year. From the sun drenched islands of Hawaii and Fiji to rainy Seattle, to the vibrant, thriving cities like Sydney and Las Vegas, to small town middle America.

I have seen all the beautiful NP of North America, tramped through deserts and forests, hiked up mountains and chilled out on beaches. I've got lost in cities, been scared to death in weird motel rooms in LA, and had many other urban adventures long the way. And the most interesting part of the year has been the people from all over the world I have met

I have had a glimpse at what the wide world has to offer.....a taste.... .but alas time is ticking away. I hear the last boarding call for my flight...and so i click my heels and chant three times

there's no place like home

there's no place like home

there's no place like home

2:13 p.m. - 2004-07-20


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