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the sunshine state

Straight off the plane and I feel it .........that glorious, piercing sun. My eyes need to adjust and as i grasp for oxygen in the humidity it hits, me loud and familiar.....I AM BACK IN THE USA. Everything is so familiar , the people so loud and vocal, the in your face shops, gap Nike guess borders starbucks...ahh starbucks And like a shining oasis in the middle of it all food courts...oh how I missed American junk food. ...and then there are the toilets, those automatic flush freeky huge gaps at the sides of the doors toilets, how could i have forgotten those!!!!


we drive down international drive in our silver Pontiac...sweet air con...this place is soo well planned out and manicured that it feels fake like a movie set or like driving in vice city, the whole road is made up of hotels water parks, mini golf courses food food food and every concievable tourist trap you can think of, sports world perfume world outdoor world shoe world

got our hotel room upgraded nice one its massive, nice pool and bar but its kinda dead...or maybe i should say relaxed.... nothing wrong with sitting by the pool sipping jd and cokes and chilling.......

11:04 p.m. - 2005-06-17


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