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sunny florida

anyways as the story goes.....some time last week( like who is keeping track) we jammed all our crap into our wicked car and headed east to st. petes beach.

First impressions where not good. apparently global warming is to blame for all the dead fish on the beach, and the sea snakes dropping from the sky ( i kid you not...another red tide) but Iím thinking that the hundreds of hotels motels and fast food restaurants etc cant be any good for the marine life here either!!!the whole place smelled like dead fish when we first arrived and its kinda muggy and dead...... so just chilled for first few days, but quickly got bored quickly and got to checking out the rest of this place.

Clearwater ...well had Clearwater and downtown was okay, best thing to do there was the Salvador dali museum. i still cant believe they have so much of his work here in little St. Peteís!

but the best thing to do here by far ( besides drinking) is to go cruising. cause we are right down here on the gulf of Mexico so its amazing beaches and spectacular coastlines and palm tress, even the highways and awesome bridges that span miles across the water seem like feats in engineering. it makes me wonder what the hell is going on with our tiny main drainage programme. ????

6:00 p.m. - 2005-06-26


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