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Back in the usa

Made it to Boston, maybe its after my long weekend on nights but its really, really bright here, crisp, blue and clear. Still not sure wether i love or hate flying, but i'm here ( after a bit of hassle at customs) and seriously sleep deprived. Not gona let that get in my way of checking out a new city.

Things i forgot about. The junk food. OMG, how could i forget about the junk food. The cookies, the starbuckification of the nation. The loud people always always so eager to chat , with their candy plastic smiles and 'have a nice day' . the skyscrpaers, how the rashers are not really rashers but a strange salty type of plastic , the automatic flush, the really really slow retarded way these people talk it makes evesdropping extremely dull, the tipping, the subways, oh yea and the adds on t.v, that by far is the best entertainment in this country.

So went on a tour of city, caught subway out to harvard, saw cheers pub but never made it in there for a pint, over all a good busy pitstop. Next stop Anchorage.

4:09 p.m. - 2006-09-21


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