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My kidneys will nver be the same again

...and so our travels have brought us upon some strange scenarios. Eating lunch on top of an army target range, that we obviously where totally unaware existed until the shooting started. That was one of my favourite moments.

Or the domestic on aisle 5 in Wal-Mart that was just tragic. Then there was the time I was driving for about 5 hours and was in desperate need of a rest stop. By now I am well used the outhouse! (the whole we don’t do indoor plumbing because we get permafrost so just use the outhouse and shut up about it tourist) Upon arriving at this rest stop all I could see was quad bikes with guns attached all seemly pointing at the 'toilet' needless to say my kidneys will never be the same again as I ran out of that campsite. Of course the next rest stop was just as scary with bear warning posters all over the place, I decided to take a risk with the bears, the smell of dead fish and thoughts of bears didn't freak me out half as much as the thoughts of mad hunters with guns in the woods.......

My nights camping in Denali are best left to tell with a few drinks down me in Nancy’s, but I’ll just say not a minutes sleep was had, and my fingers are still numb from the ice

I can handle this country...sure I can!!!!

3:17 p.m. - 2006-09-27


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