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The last frontier

The insanity that marked our few nights camping ( a whole other story) along with my stupidity in trying to drive Aurora up the Dalton highway and my shock at the sight of bloody moose heads, compounds the very depressing fact, that besides how much I love the thought of extreme wilderness and outdoors I am not built for it. Yes I love to read Abbey and Muir, but I am that ignorant tourist that they despise that tramples through and destroys their country (however they should not judge too harshly from the grave as I only walk the paths they have inspired me to follow.

At least my ideals of Alaska have held true, but this country forces you to begin to question yourself, and its painfully obvious that Iím from the suburbs, drive a small car, work in a clean factory, I party, I drink starbucks, and eat out.


Iím simply not built for life out here. Sure I could learn to eat reindeer sausage, but first I would have to catch and skin the feck'n thing. Yes I love Alaska alas after 3 weeks itís nearly time to head home and back to my clean comfortable life.

7:44 p.m. - 2006-09-27


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