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What a great start to the year, the transition went well however I shall miss all the small things, knowing where I can get the best coffee, best pint, best tunes, knowing the menu in every place in town, roll’n down to the beach at 3am just cause I want to see the ocean, cruising through the city at 5am when insomnia hits….Familiarity.
I have a god feeling about this place. Took a train ride through the country when I landed ( only half on purpose) and was a bit disappointed , it was cold, grey, flat, dull and just well boring, however I then had to tell myself that not every place can be Alaska. Perhaps I was a little too spoilt before I left what with lavish dinners, nights out with the girls, going away party’s hitting the town , presents, dinks, more presents all washed down with a nice bottle of red. So I think it may be hard to get used to the quite life (of which I have had about 2 hours, but those 2 hours where weird!!!)
My new gaff is near the university so it’s like a huge international ‘compare notes’ café. (Yes Andy u would have endless hours of slagging here). Nice Seattle vibe to it all. All seems very modern and progressive notes study books and coffees. The city is great, and I roamed about it a few days ago really loved it, real typical textbook stuff, canals narrow cobbled streets to get lost in, interesting shops and cafes. Old school baker shops, toy shops, loads of places to eat (with very interesting foreign menus….it has made for some interesting choices!) Loads of museums to keep me busy for the week coming up (if I didn’t have enough to do!!) Sometimes there is a real 1980’s vibe to the place and other times it seems all very modern, kinda like it’s trapped between two worlds.
Much more to see and do, wish I had more time before it all starts up

7:20 p.m. - 2007-01-30


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