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bicycle theift in holland is rampant!!

Who knew 80 euro could buy this much happiness. Today I bought my bike. No ordinary bike you understand, but my very first bike. The Dutch would call this a grandma bike, its old, looks like its been through the war, has definitely been recycled a few times, its rusty it has no gears or breaks........... but itís all mine. Freewheeling and getting lost along the canals and cobbled narrow streets this morning was the most fun Iíve had in ages....seriously! I peddled my merry way through Utrechtís streets singing my little heart out la de dummm de dooooo.

The first thing that struck me as odd was the cost of my bike in relation to the cost of the lock! I have it on good advice that more than one lock is required if I ever want to see the bike again. But the more I think about it, itís not that odd. It saves me taxi / bus fair, I donít need car insurance/ parking fees/ gas money etc, I feel healthy and eco friendly I get a great work out and feel good for being out in the air, I get to blend in with locals and be all Dutch like. Thus the bike is worth more than its cost ..........maybe Iím thinking about it a little too much!!!

Anyway I may have been a novelty at the shop, I got your man to take a photo of me on the bike i think they all thought I was a bit CraZy. Remembering where i parked the thing among the thousands of other bikes shall be fun, as will the bike lanes...but i love a challenge........ also had my first conversation in dutch felt great. ......the little things in life make me smile :)

4:54 p.m. - 2007-02-01


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