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Lets see what carvinal brings

I have just stepped off of a train aboard which was a sailor, a giant chicken, a jester, a cowboy, a Scotsman and a very tall I have not descended into the depths of madness, I just went south for carnival. What a great party never met so many tall people or drank so much beer.

Forget delph, cheese, clogs, and windmills, the modern dutchie is extremely fond of timetables, coffee and packed lunches. It is to an extent that they have transformed such routine things in life into an art form. Timetables, calendars and agendas diary’s are an integral part of a dutchies life style, every appointment much be scheduled and all scheduled appointments are upheld without any tardiness, they also refer to week numbers of the year, oh so efficient!

The obsession with coffee I like, but I cannot understand how a nation can consume this much coffee and still be oh soooooo tall. Don’t I have it on good advice from the best possible (unbiased) source (i.e. my mammy) that coffee will stunt your growth!

And then there is the matter of sandwiches, I don’t think I can start on that one, it makes me quiet queasy to even start to think about it , everywhere I go ppl are trying to force-feed me these offensive, pungent things …………. and so my hobby for this week has been to observe all the cultural differences. …….. but I may be warned to blijf met de klompen van 't ijs , that is keep my clogs off the ice , or in other words mind my own business

4:58 p.m. - 2007-02-18


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