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Ahh the weekend slips by far too quickly into sunny memories. What a great weekend it was. After a hard week with college (all nighters group projects, communication barriers, e-mails sent in error, meetings, exams and reports etc) it was time to kick off weekend.

The plans of cross border travel where truly epic but perhaps a bit ambitious, and after a night of wine they where scaled down, and so I spent Saturday, in The Hague, rambling around the streets giving my eyeballs a feast, and indeed they where happy. I saw some of the classic 16 and 17th century great works of art (that was on my to do list) When I had appreciated enough architecture and soaked up enough of the cafe culture and ambiance it was time for the beach. It had been too long since I saw the ocean last ( over 2 months) and it truly did my heart good , but I miss my beach. Scheveningen is a nice spot for a few hours, hundreds of cute pubs and cafes line the boardwalk when the sun goes down they all have fires and couches outside. The atmosphere is so cozy and romantic. Loved it

Sunday was a scorcher, and we took to the streets of Utrecht (of course on my trusty bike :)). We spent the day finding new spots in the city , sipping koffies by the canal and followed it up with a sun soaking session on the marina ( complete with picturesque windmill) and toped it off by finally finding the Irish pub but alas still no Irish people :(.....just had to put up with the English Brazilian and Canadians.

However today of course cruel time stole it all from me and its Monday again. Back to my class full of MD’s clinical epidemiologists, infection and immunity specialists ….and stupid ol me stuck in the middle with my non-guterrrolll accent ahhhhhhh hurry up Friday I need you …………………..

6:43 p.m. - 2007-04-02


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