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elves, sparkles and the central dogma.........i'm not strange am I?

Last week I was in limbo. I had nothing to do, and when I have nothing to do its frustrating because all the things I wanted to do when I 'had the time' I canít remember what they where......and so I did nothing with my time I just enjoyed it. I contributed nothing to anything or anybody. I contributed nothing to the world. Like a good parasite I just stole its oxygen

...and so what did I find to do in the end?? Well I read a good book Murder in Amsterdam.....and went to an interesting exhibition in my town. Genesis Art and Science When I heard about it I had a different impression of what it would be. I was thinking it would be like this ( what I got was interesting. Live chickens the central dogma, information in a new context, butterflies, a lot of Petri dishes, and a scale model of a lab, an actual working lab from UU wow!!! That is what I see ever day, its not art, its not challenging its not taking a different perspective on something, its just a fun looking hall with weird chickens and computers.

I'm still not sure what they where trying to say, but no doubt that's my slow brain, perhaps I was just not thinking hard enough when I take days off my brain also like to shut down. I get that they are two very different fields. One has to stick to fact truths, reality etc, , the other has roots in the imagination, and limitless possibilities, ( althou so does science essentially) I think they are more alike then people really suspect, between the amazing structures of things like DNA and crystals, look at fractals, look at the patterns created by a butterfly when in and art can never be separated, they are linked in a very beautiful way, and I wish I could have been the curator of that gallery today, because maybe I missed the point ........but my installation would have been at least in colour.

The rest of the week was quite the opposite, I found multiple parties, enjoyed great weather, found the weirdest bar in Utrecht, got drunk, got hung-over got sober.....did it all again......drank bad beer, cycled a lot, and went all touristy on the weekend....Rotterdam is sparkling, and today I like everything that sparkles....found a church, and then when things just could not get any stranger I followed a pirate who lead me to a castle full of elves, it was beautiful :)

To Jack Woodall. There are better, more clever and easier ways of ripping apart intelligent design, or where u perhaps trying to prove it in a round about way??? Your ramblings amused me ......

3:04 p.m. - 2007-04-22


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