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Think of everything I could have accomplished in my 2 weeks off.....I could have learnt Japanese, learnt to swim, read war and peace or even just some study, alas I did none of these things but I had a great two weeks. The Netherlands is always up for a party, any excuse. A queen’s mother’s birthday was the celebration this weekend. It was Epic, the whole town went mental. Little ‘ol me not really knowing what to expect ( and not very interested in d monarchy) cycled off into town around last night after a heavy night of partying the night before I was merely going to see what the jackanorie was ...well what awaited me was pure entertainment.

The whole town was closed off to cars, everybody and their mother was out on the street selling all their old junk. Some weird tradition on this day. Orange was the theme of the night, it was bumper to bumper. After a quick look about I noticed that fire brigade, ambulances, the police wagons and first aid tent where all waiting. .I went home changed ( to green obviously not orange!!!!) and came back with a possie to see what they where waiting for ....and I found it...people here are mental! The whole of Utrecht city was converted into one big street party, funny duch dj's spilling odd music out onto every street, boats full of orange ppl out on the canals, a beer tent on every corner, and its all happening again tonight:) the good life continues........

I start some proper work tomorrow....freaking out!!!!!!

11:38 a.m. - 2007-04-30


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