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Internationals v's the Natives

I always find the relationships I form with people when Iím away from home or travelling are different in a more intense sort of way. The very fact that you are away from home the friends you make become like a surrogate family, as u spend all those weird days of the year weither it be Christmas Easter etc etc with them. For the international friends I make it is compounded by the fact that we all share common experiences being in a different country, we all notice the same differences and the same things strike us as strange, odd or just different.

Then there is the relationships you form with the natives. I find these tricky ones.....not having so much in common. After the initial Iím from Ireland novelty wares off, there is the getting over cultural differences, and then there are the things you just will never understand about each other, here for example I cant get over the weird group dynamics and they donít really get my SOH ( then again does anyone) and so friendships and relationships with the natives seems to be always stuck in this multicultural lost in translation world, where sometimes its always better to smile and nod and get another drink in ..........

.thats todays ramble over with and so it was a long week Ö.. Rotterdam on Sunday, Pub on Wednesday, Enkhuizen on Thursday, Amsterdam on Friday, Oss on Sunday and in between it all I managed to (half)write a proposal. Happy days. Monday has rolled around far too quickly again) and this week I start a new job, and start in lab ( ahhhhhhh!!!)

2:15 p.m. - 2007-05-21


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