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sunshine in Utrecht

And so this week brought with it a busy busy busy week of school ( in Dutch!!!) , some fun nights out , no sleep, a new city adventure, some travel, work, new people, new shoes ,loosing shoes, smokes, picnics in the park, cycling in the sun, and in general ….the good life, and although the 21st has not yet arrived, summer is here . Fun days in the sun is leading into long stretched out lazy evenings of chat and enjoying life. My time here is moving too fast .

On my mind this week choices!! I am very indecisive - to go home for a week or to Italy. To study in England or study in Utrecht, to just forget about the study and get a real job???

If there was less choice in the world the world would be a happier place…..the tyranny of choice……ahhh the good life indeed!

5:29 p.m. - 2007-06-10


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