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lazy summer afternoon

Last week after another busy and mentally exhausting week I took ( my then fully functional) bicycle and headed west to rediscover my city. After only seeing it through drunken eyes for far too long I thought it was about time to get reacquainted , and so in the soft sunshine I followed the meandering canals and dreamily wandered past all the quiet houses, for such a densely populated country I find it hard to understand where these people all live. Not a sinner was on the streets and the ghostliness of it all was exaggerated by the amazingly large windows the Dutch tend to have. A Calvinist trait these large glass windows display the entire house for all curious passers by to see., and I did find it interesting to have a kijk inside and see the empty, neat ,clean, and orderly houses.

The Dom tower in all its glory was the only indication that life was indeed present , its bells ringing out every 15 minutes. I passed the Oudgeracht canal, past the closed cafes ,peddling my way through the cobbled stoned streets, past large houses and ancient churches, there where no markets or flower sellers to be hear shouting their strange chants, and then past the park and back home via Bunnick, fields of cows, sheep and crops the world began to feel more aliveÖ.and my hangover began to melt away.

Forget windmills, clogs, cheese, tall people, coffee shops and all these other things you hear about Holland. Its small things like the funny windows where you just cant hide from your neighbours and pretend you are not in, itís the open relaxed and easy friendliness , itís the kussesn or zunnesn ( or whatever) itís the relaxed style and easy yet very efficient life, but must of all itís the ancient rocks beneath my feet, that makes Utrecht a great place to live.

8:22 p.m. - 2007-06-17


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