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beauty is truth and truth is beauty

There is something about the power and beauty of words that amazes me, the beauty of the songs last night had me awestruck. So simple the words, but it was not just the words but the power in his voice the passion and emotion he put into what he does, it was a great gig. I am in love. Glen, Declan, Damien, the bellies… guys today are giving me food for thought on my quite Sunday evening post weekend mess.

Where does the inspiration come from. ‘Star star teach me how to shine teach me so I know what’s going on in your mind’ . This weekend speaking with some people , it hasn’t been the beauty that has struck me so much as the power, the miscommunications and the misunderstandings, words it’s a funny one. But its all we have.

Snap shots of the weekend

The sheep have gone and have been replaced by horses,
No bike carrying home supplies for party on bus in the rain was fun!!
Carrying crates of beer up to the house from Spar…fun!!
Baking cakes and dancing in the kitchen …
Party Friday night… place is still a mess
Midnight pasta making sessions#
Talking quantum theory with people, and feeling slightly retarded!
Crazy American boy.
Chilling in café Belgie (my new fav pub in Utrecht) with old friends
The Frames gig
Watching the sun come up from my kitchen window while chatting into wee hours of the morning
Sunday afternoon catching up on things…still getting no work done
Trying to learn some new dutch words but going about it the wrong way….hummmmmm

8:20 p.m. - 2007-06-24


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