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Waar is de WC

yes yes yes, I have rambled on about the windmills, the politics, the agenda/ diary driven society, the tall men, the food, the bikes, the love of festivals, the need for appointments (this one consumes all my mental energies......), the direct harsh,abrupt manner, the weird weather patterns, those large open windows, the lifestyle etc etc etc.... but there is one thing I forgot to mention. Now what can it be i hear you ask , what pray tell is it that can be different in every country , that can define so well a nation, that can shown the countries personality........oh you had to ask but u wont like the answer......its the toilets!

Waar is the WC??

The typical Dutch house is usually very imaginative in the way it uses space, it is a necessity as lots of houses just don’t have any space, but the WC is insanely tiny, even in pubs and restaurants it is madness. Once u force yourself into the closet the next trick is trying to turn around. How do tall people even sit down I will never understand where their knees go?? Anyway if you do manage to turn around and sit the next thing will face you( literally at your noise) is the verjaardagskalender ( birthday calander) - for those of you who don’t know this one its a bit odd , but every Dutch house hold keeps a birthday calendar in their tiny closterphobic ‘bathrooms‘. Then there is the actual toilet , and its bizarre design, it has a shelf well above the water level build into the design.I have heard it been termed the ‘ inspection shelf’ …well it all adds up to a bizarre country and I think I am feeling the effect of being below sea level for too long…….

8:19 p.m. - 2007-06-24


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